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Cheryl Corson
Nazareth, PA

Dakota's Kids


This page is dedicated to the "kids" of Dakota, Am/Can/UK Ch Lebeau's Playing With Fire. He is owned by me and Dennette Cockley, SumerWynd Belgian Shepherds. Dakota was bred by Sandra Smith, Lebeau Belgian Shepherds, Essex, UK. Dakota is CERF # BSD-1430/2003--47; hips are 3:3 (English rating system, equivalent to OFA excellent).

Am/UK Ch Lebeau's Playing With Fire "Dakota"

Dakota is a 2x Nat'l Select, Multi Eng. BISS/RBIS Am/ Can/ Uk CH.
The only dog in BSD history to be so.

Sire of 21 Champions in US

Sire of 2 CH in Canada
Sire of HS Belgian at 07 National

07 National Specialty winner
Grandsire of RWD and RWB at 07 National

Sire of 2007 BOB winner in the National

Sire of the Best of Opposite sex winner at the 2008 National

Dakota has been the producer of the following National speciality winners. We are VERY proud of his progeny.. in looking now at his grandchildren, you can see his stamp on them. We are very proud of :

2007 BIS Sumerwynds Quiz at Trouvaille TD
2008 BOS Ch Elancers Bewitched
2009 BOS Sumerwynds Quite a Discovery

Summer 2003

Bred to "Jubilee", Lux/Am CH Images-n-SumerWynd Just Desserts: 7 puppies.



BIS, Am/Can CH SumerWynd a Smyle for Awhile HOF

CH Johnsondale's Belle Sabree CD HIC ROM

BISS CH Johnsondale's Starbuck CD HIC ROM

CH Rolin Ridge Mystique Ete

BISS CH Johnsondale's Starbuck CD HIC ROM

Johnsondale's Q-Monique

CAN Ch. SumerWynd Outrageous Fortune ADC AGDC CL1-H CL1-S TT HIC Am/Can CH SumerWynd's Out of Pocket, "Cash " "Razor" "Trick"

Fall 2004

Bred to "Reba", Blackwater's Puttin On The Ritz: 2 puppies.



Olim de la Tangi Morgane

s.r. Jody de la Prairie de la Sommerau

Maigret de la Tangi Morgane

Linda-Purl de Condivicnum

Pavot van de Hoge Laer

Heden de la Clairiere Aux Louves

Can CH Maximum Blackwater Uproar "Micha" "Micha"    

Winter 2004

Bred to "Francine", Mishaook's Franci O'McRobene: 9 puppies.



Am/Can. CH Jarl Wendy v Lana's Hof

Tipsy van de Hoge Laer

BISS CH Johnsondale's Starbuck CD HIC ROM

nt CH, World CH 1991Wendy v Lana's Hof

Can CH Mishaook's Iceobel O'McRobene "Iceobel" "Shen" "Shen"  

Fall 2004

Bred to "Dailey", Rolin Ridge's Quality Time: 5 puppies.



CH Mi-Sha-Ook's Aquila

CH Rolin Ridge's Cameo CD ROM

Lux./NL CH Othiz van't Belgisch Schoon

Lois-Lane v.'t Belgisch Schoon

CH Rolin Ridge's Fourteen Karat CD HIC ROM

CH Chez Les Bel Crystal of Char-Ma CD


Summer 2004

Bred to "Kelly", Black Gold Kiss Me Goodbye: 11 puppies.



CH Sandcastle's Secret Code

CH Black Gold Career Girl

CH Sandcastle's Jig Along Home CD

CH Winjammer All Rites Reserved CD HT

CH Don Fyrre-Fuego del Castel Sardo

Tina de Loup Noir

"Ohanzee" "Brad" "Sizzle" "Nova"

Spring 2004

Bred to "Rumour", Images Everyones Talking: 3 puppies.



CH Sundown's Ricochet CD

CH Images Silhouette of Dreams

CH Lascaux Kilt

CH Sundown's Sweet Obsession

CH Rolin Ridge's Fourteen Karat CD HIC ROM

CH Johnsondale's Belle Sabree CD

"Sprite" "Sprite"    

Summer 2004

Bred to "Morrocco", Sumerwynd-N-Trier Morrocco: 6 puppies.



Nebraska de Condivicnum

CH Sumerwynd Cachet du Trier

Imhotep de Condivicnum

Jaomi-Lee de la Clairiere aux Louves

NL CH Kevin From Black Home

CH Johnsondale's Windsong CD

"Quest" "Quiz", SumerWynd Quiz at Trouvaille TD '07 National Speciality winner, owned by Robin Watson "Indy", SumerWynd's Qvale, owned by Lee Prince Que

Summer 2004

Bred to "Shelly", Chancery's Coolatta: 7 puppies.



CH Chancerys Just an Image CD HIC

CH Images Sweet Mocha Promise

CH Chancerys Quintessential HIC

AM/CAN CH Lorjen High Hopes HIC

H Rolin Ridges Fourteen Karat CD ROM

CH Johnsondales Belle Sabree CD ROM

Chancery's Frozen Gunfire, "Gunner" "Dakota" owned by Mark and Gwen Murdock "Kit"  

Winter 2004

Bred to "Jenna", Chancery's Ingeneu: 8 puppies.



AM/CAN CH Osage De La Fureur Du Crepcules

CH Chancerys Coolatta CGC HIC

s.r. Jason de la Douce Plaine

sr Griotte de la Fureur du Crepuscule

CH Chancerys Just an Image CD HIC

CH Images Sweet Mocha Promise CGC HIC

Chancery's Just For You , "Emme" Chancery's Just a Second CGC, "Sadie" "Toby", owned by Jo and Ed Pascoe  

Winter 2005

Bred to "Reese", Images I Candy at Elancer



CH Isengard's Joe Cool

CH Images Dancing In My Dreams CD

Greco de la Grande Lande

CH Sumerwynd's Dana of Isengard CDX VCD2 PT HS HX Ad MX MXJ

Am/Can CH Sumerwynd A Smile For Awhile CD

CH Johnsondale's Belle Sabree CD

CH Elancer's Bryn Myrrin L'Ariel" "Blair" "Boston"  

Spring 2006

Bred to "Lyric" Ch Mawrmyth Lovely Lyric



CH. Mi-Sha-Ook's Ballinger NA NAJ

Ch Mawrmyth Fan Fayrre

Winter 2012

Bred to "Ivie" Ivie Terres Bergeres



VICTORY de Condivicnum

Euphoria Des Terres Bergeres

CH. (FRA.B. ,LUX. ,NED.) Bentho IBN Greco De Bruine Buck

PALMYRE de la Tangi Morgane

USAGE de la Fureur du Crépuscule

VERSAILLE des Terres Bergeres

Judd Ami Leah  


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